• First Team Meeting


    Our first meeting of the year is Tuesday, September 9th in SC24/25 at Bird. We will be discussing important topics for the off-season and preparation for the full season. Students, please bring your parents to the meeting if possible.

    P.S. This meeting is NOT a potluck.

    Thank you,

    Chris Riley

  • Qualification Matches

    Today we had most of our qualification matches. We did very well in our matches and have show the other teams what a great addition to an alliance we can be. After today’s matches we are ranked 4th of 67 robots! We are also number 1 & 2 highest alliance scores, number 1& 2 largest margin of victory, highest alliance auto score, 2nd in overall assist points, 2nd in overall auto, and 3rd in overall truss and catch. We would like to give a shout out to our drive team and all of the students AND mentors who helped us scout today. Scouting information has been invaluable and will continue to be so tomorrow. We look forward to tomorrows matches and the finals!

  • Keeping Watch

    Want to watch us at the competition?

    Livestream Here: http://robotics.nasa.gov/events/livestream/index.php?stream=pal_0227-0114

    Competition Match Results:


  • Competition!

    We are very busy working on our robot and fine tuning for matches tomorrow. We see some great designs here and expect tough competition tomorrow. We are thankful for the help other teams have given us and we hope we can help out ourselves. More updates to come!

  • Good Morning!!

    We are all up bright and early, ready to head over to the convention center. We have our hotel waffles and orange juice, ready to start the day. We are looking forward to getting our robot unpacked and start off the competition season.

  • We Have Arrived!

    We have just arrived at the hotel and are starting to wind down for the competition tomorrow. We have all of our things unloaded at the Convention Center and are ready to start the competition off right. We can’t wait to see all of the other teams and their robots and wish you all luck!

  • Off To Competition

    The bus is in motion! We are off to the Palmetto Regional Competition. We can’t wait to unbag the robot and  get this season started for real!!!

  • The new season!

    The new season has just started so we are working nonstop to have our robot completed by the bag date.

    For information on the new game visit: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/2014-game