Introducing Your Southwest District Champions

The sheer amount of excitement and joy amplified across the arena as the RoboHawks were called to once again walk onto the field, to claim their victory, as they stood tall among the kingdom as the Southwest District Champions.


It was a long weekend, filled with constant action and surprises. The RoboHawks battled through the qualification matches throughout Saturday and Sunday morning. Jumping in rank from 3rd place to 4th place to 6th place (for obvious reasons) as the matches raged on we finished strong in 6th place going in to the elimination rounds.

As alliance selections were made the RoboHawks became the 5th Alliance captain, and due to our strong scouting efforts drafted teams 1086 and 2534 to join the alliance.


The elimination rounds were nothing short of incredible, as the RoboHawks and their alliance partners battled through the competition laying waste to defenses along the way. After a critical blow to the robot’s arm we lost our ability to shoot and collect boulders during the semifinal rounds. Thanks to the sheer might and impeccable strategy from the drive team the RoboHawks made a quick change and removed the arm as we pushed into the finals playing just defense. In the end it proved to be the key as shooting robots were no match for the quick pace and rough defense from the RoboHawks and their partners secured the stronghold.


With momentum building the RoboHawks have their sights set on their next district competition on March 24th – 26th in Doswell to continue their reign. Now with the District Regional Championship in play the RoboHawks have already begun their preparation for the battle that lays ahead.


[ Pictures To Follow (Believe us, There’s a lot of them) ]