2019 Challenge

Game overview:

Destination Deep space will consist of three teams on two different alliances, one on each side of the playing field. The match will begin with a fifteen second sandstorm period, which is essentially replacing the period formally known autonomous” period which has been used in several previous FRC competitions. Following the sandstorm period, the team will be given a 135 second teleop period, in which the robots will be controlled manually by the drivers. At the beginning of each round, alliances bots are positioned on one of the lower two platforms. They then proceed to move off of the platforms as the round begins. Once the match begins, the bots will then begin to play hatches and cargo in their allianceĀ“s and cargo ship during the sandstorm and teleop periods. The final thirty seconds of each match, the robots will deposit their final field elements and can earn additional points by climbing back onto the platforms.