While we may be robotics team, the RoboHawks are more than just the robot. One of the many missions of our team is to spread the excitement and passion for STEM in our community, and use our teamwork and size to give back to the community.

FIRST Lego League Tournament

 In 2015, we created our 1st annual book drive at this event, which allowed our own students and the FLL teams to donate books that went directly to the Children’s Miracle Network. Even though it was only our first year, we collected nearly 50 books!

VirginiaSTAR Program

Since 2014, team 346 has partnered with the Chesterfield Technical Center to host the VirginiaSTAR program. Retired computers are brought to the team, where we provide new equipment, update software, and make the computers user-friendly. These computers are then given to less-fortunate families who may not have previously had access to a computer.

Chester Rotary

Over the past years the RoboHawks have grown to have such a strong relationship with one of our sponsors, the Chester Rotary Club. In the spring, they host their own community-based event, named  Grillin on the Green. The RoboHawks assist this organization by serving food, entertaining with our robot, and other event activities.

Local Schools

As one of only two FRC teams in Chesterfield County, we recognize there needs to be more local STEM growth occurring. To jump start this, we attend STEM-related nights at local elementary schools. It is  very rewarding to see the excitement children have when they can interact with and learn about our robot. Additionally, we present our robot to represent the pre-engineering center during Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Specialty Center Open House. Doing so, we reach numerous middle school students, leading to nearly 200 applicants to L.C. Bird’s program!

RichTech Reception

In recent years, the RoboHawks have had the honor of attending this event, based around the commonwealth’s elected representatives. Being able to explain the FIRST program, our robot, and our team to those who make decisions regarding our STEM education is a phenomenal experience. At an event such as this, we are able to demonstrate the appropriate knowledge and professionalism our team builds.

School Board

In February 2016, our team provided a tour of our work space to our local school board representative, John Erbach, and his children. We demonstrated our robot to him and explained the importance of programs such as FIRST in the school system. 


Additionally, we have served hours volunteering for our area’s Christmas Mother and collecting for Toys for Tots. We have also done events such as the Anthem Lemonaid Stand. It is truly our pleasure to be able to come together for the community and use our resources to assist those in need.