With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions“. – Woodie Flowers

We may be a part of FIRST Robotics “Competition”, but it does not always have to be just that. The RoboHawks enjoy using their knowledge earned as a veteran team to assist other teams whenever possible.

Annually, we participate as teachers in VirginiaFIRST‘s fall training classes. Our students and mentors have taught a wide variety of classes such as Bumper Creation Team Organization; Electrical & Wire Management; Motors & Drive Trains; CAD …and more!

In 2015, the RoboHawks assisted VirginiaFIRST and hosted a regional practice field at John Tyler Community College. This field served as an area for teams to collaborate and practice with their robots prior to competition.

At competition, we are excited to share materials with other teams. In 2013, we built a very strong relationship with FRC team 539, where we put together all of our resources and allowed them our work space to repair their damaged robot for an upcoming event. This same year, we even provided them transportation and cheered with them in the stands at competition. This relationship continues in 2016, as we again offered to host them in our shop for the build season.

When a neighboring FTC let out a call for help in late 2015 when their work-space was closed for renovation, the RoboHawks opened their materials and space to host this team.

Each November, we host an FLL tournament that has grown to accommodate 200 participants. At the event, we demonstrate our robot, which allows us to show them where their continuation with FIRST and STEM can lead, and how exciting the program remains.

Several of our mentors have volunteered at various FTC events. They held roles such as judges. assistants, and CSA/ FTAA.